3 Ply Sampler

with Emily Wohlscheid

Saturday, April 10: 3pm – 5pm (2 hours)

Cost: $45

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While 3 plies offer a lot of possibilities including added strength, durability, and heft, they can also be intimidating. This workshop will explore several 3 ply techniques including a traditional 3 ply, chain plying, and crepe yarns. Emphasis will be placed on the singles that act as a foundation for each 3 ply yarn as we examine their similarities and differences. Variations within each type of 3 ply will also be demonstrated. Stash diving for sampling supplies and suggestions for keeping samples will also be covered. lly understand how all the parts of the spinning wheel work. In this workshop, we will review the parts and terminology of the spinning wheel with an emphasis on ratios, various tension types, and how treadling speed can affect your spun yarn. Through practice exercises, students will make adjustments to obtain everything from lace to bulky yarn efficiently and effectively.


Skills Required:
Know how to spin and be comfortable with plying.

Bring to Class:
Spinning wheel (see below)

Homework (to be completed prior to class):

  • 1 oz prepared fiber (optional homework: spun clockwise z twist about fingering to sport weight – or chosen gauge leaning toward fine)
  • 1/3oz fiber x 3 (optional homework: spun clockwise/z twist about fingering to sport weight – or chosen gauge leaning toward fine)
  • 1/3 oz fiber x 3 (optional homework: 2 singles spun with more extra twist than normal for a ply spun z-twist/clockwise  and one single spun counter-clockwise/s-twist with extra twist – these can all be about fingering to sport weight)