A Contest, YarnCon-Style!

Ready to dig out your best work, or whip up a little something new, and win prizes for it? In partnership with Great Northern, the upcoming release of knit patterns inspired by the evergreen Twin Peaks TV series, we invite you to enter a Damn Fine YarnContest.

DFYC-Final-logoBWe have five categories to enter, with outstanding judges in each category:

  • Best Twin Peaks prop, judged by Great Northern author Leah Coccari-Swift
  • Best Accessory, judged by Midwestern Knits author Allyson Dykhuizen
  • Best Toy, judged by Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochiland
  • Best Use of Handspun Yarn, judged by Vera Videnovich, spinning instructor and proprietor of Atelier Videnovich
  • Best Garment, judged by Yarnbox creative director Lisa Whiting

One winner will be declared in each category, with all five judges conferring on one Best in Show grand prize to rule supreme (and get a extra-special prize package).

Further entry details will be announced on the blog next week, but start thinking about what you want to enter or make, and get ready to strut your stuff!

(Clarification note, since you asked: the Great Northern book does focus on knit patterns, but all fiber arts are welcome to enter; knitted, crocheted, woven…we want to see ALL your awesome work!)

Check out more about the Great Northern project here. And remember: the Log Lady‘s log may not judge, but we will!



  1. I’m so excited to see all the entries! Get your best stuff ready, knitters. The prizes are going to be major.

  2. The facebook post suggested that the entries must be made with hand-dyed (artisan dyed?) yarn. Is that correct, or is commercial dyed yarn acceptable?

  3. Dianne Rubinstein says

    Not everything I knit is with natural fibers. Wold that be a problem?

  4. Dianne Rubinstein says

    Not everything I knit is with natural fibers. Would that be a problem?

  5. What about felted items?

    • Sara from Team YarnCon says

      Yes, absolutely! Felted items could fit into any one of the categories. Just be mindful that “Best Use of Handspun” must make use of handspun yarn, spun by you. Otherwise, pretty much anything goes!

  6. Kim Barlow says

    “Best Twin Peaks prop”

    Sorry, I don’t understand what this means. Can you please explain a little? Thank you.

    • Sara from Team YarnCon says

      Sure! The new collection, Great Northern Knits, was inspired by the TV show Twin Peaks, which first aired in the early 1990s. It was hugely popular in certain circles, and Showtime is reviving the series this year. This contest is in celebration of its return! “Best Twin Peaks prop” is the category for those fans who want to recreate props used in the show, which were many, varied, and quirky.

  7. Jane McAtee says

    Do we have to have the object, or would a picture work. My toys have all been donated to charity events…But I have great photos.

    • Sara from Team YarnCon says

      Sounds like you make fun toys! For this contest, you’ll need to have the actual item and be able to turn it in to the judges at YarnCon.

  8. Lisa Bradley says

    Maybe I missed this, but will we be able to pick up our entry on Saturday or can we only pick up on Sunday?

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