Every year we try something new to make each YarnCon better than the one before. Some changes are in the inner workings, and hopefully you won’t even notice. Others we really want you to notice, and this year’s change is one of those.

A view of the main hall and balcony from the stage.

We are a small, but growing fiber festival, and this year we received more applications than we thought possible (thanks for the love!) Although we still had the sad job of turning a lot of really great artists down, we decided to try to add a few more this year, meaning this year we will have the most vendors ever at YarnCon! (I mean, just look at this list! ( ) But, where will we put them all?

The balcony (accessible by stairs and elevator) is hopping with shoppers.

So glad you asked! Now you can shop in the main ball room on the second floor, up in the beautiful balcony in the ball room, and downstairs in the hall with the coffee bar. What? Coffee and more yarny goodness? You read that right!

The Coffee Bar, and some of last year’s organizations spreading the word. If you could turn your gaze to the right, you would see vendors this year!

Stop by the bar* for some delicious Dark Matter coffee, or choose from a fine selection of teas or hot cocoa, and then check out the vendors and guilds in the room! You can also have your yarn wound into a cake for you for instant yarn gratification, and then sit and start swatching. All of this in one room!

And just outside this room, we still have tables and chairs so you can enjoy a tasty lunch from some of our food trucks, and play with your new yarn. You will also find the YarnCon Merchandise table, Operation Chemo Comfort, and don’t forget the raffle tickets!

Speaking of don’t forget, we still have spaces available in a few of our classes, but tickets are selling fast! You can find more information about our brilliant teachers, and what classes are still available here:

*Did you know JFK had a drink at that very bar? He did! Yarn, coffee, and some history. We have it all!


  1. Mary Ann Maentanis says

    I’m really looking forward to this year’s show! Just a little disappointed….I signed up to help set up vendors which I have done in the past. Unfortunately by the time I got an email all spots were taken. How can i be assured to be able to help next year on Saturday morning?

    • Hi Mary Ann,

      Thanks for supporting YarnCon! We’re sorry you didn’t get the volunteer spot you’d hoped for. There’s no real way to ensure you’ll get a certain spot, but we do still have several spots open on Saturday and Sunday. If there’s a specific vendor you like, maybe you could offer to help them out next year and arrange to meet them on your own?

      • I often hear about these yarn events like a day or two before they actually happen…many times Im just finding out about them in real time on IG…can you suggest a good place to go to see upcoming events so that I can put them on my calendar and make plans to attend!?!?

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