Class Registration for 2018 opens Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 9am (CST). We have lots of exciting new classes and teachers along with annual favorites; come join us and learn something new!

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Dyeing I: Kool-Aid DyesSamantha LynnSaturday10:30-11:30$30
Beginning Tunisian CrochetKathy KellySaturday10:30-11:30$30
Try Spinning BoucléEmily WohlscheidSaturday10:30-12:30$45 + $15 kit
Introduction to Brioche KnittingJavier JaraSaturday10:30-12:30$45 + $10 materials
Directional Decrease & Increase BasicsAnnie ModesittSaturday10:30-12:30$45
DIY HandspinningVera VidenovichSaturday11:30-12:30$30 + $5 kit
Dyeing II: Acid DyesSamantha LynnSaturday12:30-1:30$30
Introduction to Tunisian Crochet LaceKathy KellySaturday12:30-1:30$30
Block Party: How Blocking Can Perfect Your ProjectAdrienne KuSaturday1:30-3:30$45
Think Outside the Braid!Heavenly BresserSaturday1:30-3:30$45 + $12 kit
Combination Knitting BasicsAnnie ModesittSaturday1:30-3:30$45
Dyeing I: Kool-Aid DyesSamantha LynnSaturday2:30-3:30$30
Corner-to-Corner CrochetKathy KellySaturday2:30-4:30$45
Prep Like a Pro!Heavenly BresserSaturday3:45-4:45$30
Beginning Tunisian CrochetKathy KellySunday10:30-11:30$30
DIY HandspinningVera VidenovichSunday10:30-11:30$30 + $5 kit
Prep Like a Pro!Heavenly BresserSunday10:30-11:30$30
Introduction to Brioche KnittingJavier JaraSunday10:30-12:30$45 + $10 materials
Sew Your Own Project Bag!Andi SmithSunday10:30-12:30$45 + $15 kit
Dyeing I: Kool-Aid DyesSamantha LynnSunday11:30-12:30$30
Introduction to Tunisian Crochet LaceKathy KellySunday12:30-1:30$30
Sock Heel SamplingJenn WatkinsSunday1:30-2:30$30
Dyeing II: Acid DyesSamantha LynnSunday1:30-2:30$30
Dyeing II: Acid DyesSamantha LynnSunday1:30-2:30$30