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DIY HandspinningVera VidenovichSaturday10-10:50$30 + $5 kit
Finishing School: Weaving in EndsTheresa SchabesSaturday10-10:50$30
Block Party: How Blocking Can Perfect Your ProjectAdrienne KuSaturday10-11:50$45
Be Fab with Garter Tab!Jen LucasSaturday10-10:50$30
Finishing School: Binding OffTheresa SchabesSaturday11-11:50$30
Tweed: Custom Blend!Emily WohlscheidSaturday11-11:50$30 + $12 kit
Beginning Tunisian CrochetKathy KellySaturday12-12:50$30
Kids Color Blending on Hand CardsMaegan BurkartSaturday12-12:50$30
Rug Hooking for BeginnersLindsay KraussSaturday12-1:50$45 + $38.95 kit
Fractal: Blend and SpinEmily WohlscheidSaturday12-2:50$60 + $10 kit
Sheep to NeedlesTanya Thomann & Carla Kohoyda-InglisSaturday1-2Free
New Directions in Shawl ShapesJen LucasSaturday1-2:50$45
Crochet CablesKathy KellySaturday1-2:50$45
Dyeing I: Kool-Aid DyesSamantha LynnSaturday3-3:50$30
End to EndTheresa SchabesSaturday3-4:50$45
Controlling Color Changes while Spinning and PlyingMaegan BurkartSaturday3-4:50$45 + $7 kit
Dyeing II: Acid DyesSamantha LynnSaturday4-4:50$30
Tweed: Custom Blend!Emily WohlscheidSunday10-10:50$30 + $12 kit
Finishing School: Binding OffTheresa SchabesSunday10-10:50$30
Block Party: How Blocking Can Perfect Your ProjectAdrienne KuSunday10-11:50$45
Color Theory for KnittersLisa WhitingSunday10-11:50$45
Beginning Tunisian CrochetKathy KellySunday11-11:50$30
Sheep to NeedlesTanya Thomann & Carla Kohoyda-InglisSunday11-12Free
Dyeing I: Kool-Aid DyesSamantha LynnSunday12-12:50$30
Silk: Wrapping Textured Corespun YarnMaegan BurkartSunday12-12:50$30 + $5 kit
Intro to Entrelac
Theresa SchabesSunday12-2:50$60
Introduction to Tunisian Crochet LaceKathy KellySunday12-1:50$45
Decorative Shawl Bind OffsJen LucasSunday1-1:50$30
Lock Spinning with Suri CloudMaegan BurkartSunday2-2:50$30 + $7 kit
DIY HandspinningVera VidenovichSunday2-2:50$30 + $5 kit
Dyeing II: Acid DyesSamantha LynnSunday2-2:50$30