How can I teach a class or workshop?

Class proposals for 2020 are closed. (See the 2020 Class Schedule here.)

To propose a class for a future YarnCon, please consider the following information and keep your eyes peeled for the announcement in the fall.

  • workshop name and a short description
  • prerequisite skills
  • your teaching fee
  • price of any kits if they are not included in the workshop fee (and whether or not they are required for the workshop)
  • any tools or supplies students should bring
  • how long the workshop will run
  • maximum number of students (we typically max out at 15)

Workshops are generally scheduled in 2 or 3 hour blocks (occasionally 1 hour, if it’s more of a demo). You may sell kits or supplies to your students yourself, or include a list of required items in your class description.