Food Truck Spotlight

YarnCon happens in THREE DAYS! Are you ready for this much fun?

Because fiber fanatics cannot live on yarn alone, we are thrilled to announce the food truck lineup for YarnCon 2018. This year, returning favorites Corner Farmacy and the Fat Shallot will be on hand alongside newcomer Yum Dum.  It’s going to be another tasty year!



The Corner Farmacy

The Corner Farmacy offers a seasonally rotating menu that features fresh, locally sourced ingredients — hence the “Farm” in “Farmacy.” Also, they offer breakfast items all day! Vegetarian options are available as well.






The Fat Shallot Food Truck


The Fat Shallot

How do delicious, made-to-order sandwiches sound? Just about perfect, that’s how. This husband-and-wife team grills up comfort food, elevated. Think BLT…but with truffle aioli. Yep.





Yum Dum Truck

Yum Dum

New to YarnCon this year, Yum Dum has been serving tasty dumplings, baowiches, and their signature Kimcheesey rice balls to lucky Chicagoans since 2014. We’re happy to welcome them to our annual fiber party!


  1. Kathy McCann says

    Add me to mailing list please

  2. Sandra Scdhoettler says

    I am trying to organize a Bus trip from Sew ‘n Save, Racine WI. to come to 2019 Yarn con.
    When will you have your classes listed? Are there any restaurants near by.
    I read about your Food Trucks – but are there places to sit and eat?
    Are there places to sit and Knit?
    I’m trying to determine how long I should plan the trip for.
    Is there enough for us to do to stay all day?

    I’ll be waiting for your reply.
    I do not do Facebook.

    Thank you,
    Sandy Schoettler

    • Sorry for the late reply, for some reason we didn’t see many of these comments before.
      To answer your questions, classes are up and can be found here:
      We do have tables and chairs on the first floor so folks can sit and eat and knit. We have 2 floors of vendors this year, workshops, and places to hang out and knit with friends, I am sure it can fill a day. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

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