Inna Voltchkova

Inna Voltchkova was born and raised in Kiev, the oldest city in Eastern Europe, started knitting when she was ten years old and is a graduate of the Kiev National University of Technology and Design.

Until a trip in 1991 to Chicago introduced her to the love of her life. She moved to the Chicago area and for the past 20 years Inna’s passion has been lace knitting, especially Russian Style Lace.

For many years Inna has worked with Galina Khmeleva Skaska Designs Inc. The Russian folklore theme is a common motif in Inna’s lace design, a well-thought out use of Orenburg knitting traditions with modern lace create interesting designs with bright ethnic character.

Winner of the 2010 TKGA Design Contest in 2010, Inna’s beautiful lace designs have been featured frequently in the pages of Piecework Magazine since 2009.

Inna’s page on Facebook: Russian Knitting Design.