Eek! Steeks!

with Shannon Okey

Saturday, April 10: 2pm – 3pm (1 hour) 

Cost: $30

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Shannon Okey will teach you the crochet chain method of sealing off stitches so you can cut open your knitting. It’s not as scary as it seems, she promises! Knitting cardigans in the round is a snap once you know scissors at the end are an option.

Skills Required:

Bring to Class:
Worsted or DK yarn (preferably wool or wool blend) in a clear, light color so it is easy to see individual stitches, one crochet hook (H or approximate size for given yarn), scissors, shot glass and a little something to “calm your nerves” (kidding!)

Homework (to be completed prior to class):
Knit one or more swatches at least 3″x4” but preferably 3″x5” or 3″x6” (more rows than stitches wide). Please knit at approximately 4 sts/inch, no smaller.