On your marks…

Just kidding! No need to race to get your vendor applications in. Sara and Natalia took a weekend off to re-work the application process, and we hope it will be a better fit for all of us as we grow.

Natalia and Sara in front of the Sandpiper, home of the Hoof to Hanger Fiber Mill.
Natalia and Sara in front of the Sandpiper this summer,
home of the Hoof to Hanger Fiber Mill, a 2019 sponsor.

As many of you who applied to vend at YarnCon in the last few years know, we filled up in record time, and many of you who planned to apply never got a chance. That was never our intent, so this year we are changing how the process works.

Applications will go live on October 1, 2019 at 10am Central Time, and will close on October 8, 2019 at 10pm Central Time. There are no bonus points for being the first, but we will not take applications after they close.

Edited to Add the application link: https://forms.gle/2G6tADKn1eCPe1S58

YarnCon has always been a juried show. We will judge all the applications according to our posted guidelines, and send our acceptance and rejection emails on October 15, 2019. You will be able to find the application on the homepage of our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@yarncon.com. If you want to be on the vendor mailing list, please sign up on the homepage.

We will also make an announcement about workshop proposals in the near future, so stay tuned! There’s also a sign up for the teaching mailing on the homepage.

‘Tis the season, to plan for YarnCon 2014!

December brings so many projects: gifts to spin, dye, crochet, weave and knit, and fiber festivals to plan!  OK, maybe that last one is not on your to-do list, but happily it is on ours.  Since the vendor application went up a couple of weeks ago, we have had a wonderful response!  Each new application is like a little gift in our stockings, so thank you, and please keep them coming, as spaces are filling up quickly.  And, we have a treat for those of you who want to be vendors at YarnCon, but feel like you can’t afford it, or fill up a whole table.  We are introducing an up and coming section this year, with mini-spaces, and a mini-fee.  So, go ahead and check out that application at https://www.yarncon.com/?page_id=125

We are also now officially putting out the call for workshops!  If you have a yarny skill you would like to share, please head on over to https://www.yarncon.com/?page_id=313 and fill out our new handy-dandy form.

OK, back to our holiday crafting.  We’ll keep looking over those applications, and we’ll send out the first round of acceptance letters in the new year.

Happy Holidays!