Two exciting new additions to the line up!

This is the time of year I get to see the workshop registrations fill my inbox. I love that our instructors’ expertise is appreciated, and that so many people are eagerly signing up for workshops! If you haven’t signed up, you should go take a look!

This year we have a couple of exciting new additions to our workshop line-up.

First, we have a demonstration called “Straw into Gold!” by Tom and Joanne Blodgett. Tom and Joanne will demonstrate the steps traditionally used to extract fiber from the flax plant, spin the fiber into thread, and then weave the thread into linen fabric. We have expanded into an extra classroom for this event, and it is limited to 20 people per session (2 sessions, both on Saturday). There are hands on components to this demo, so it will be a lot of fun, and very educational. 

Straw Into Gold!

I am so thrilled about this next announcement! YarnCon veterans Tanya and Carla of Maybea Crafted and cjkoho Designs are offering a free workshop called Sheep to Needles detailing how they have created an artisan kit from a local shepherd’s flock, local processing, indie dyer and local designer to create hat/cowl kits. This will also be held in our fancy new classroom, and we will have one session on each day. We are so grateful to them for offering this free presentation as a gift to our students! You can sign up right here or on the registration page.

Sheep to Needles

YarnCon is less than a month away, so don’t wait! Register today!

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