June equals playing with yarn in public!

I will admit, there is no time of year I won’t knit or crochet in public.  But, given the seasons here in Chicago, most of that public time in spent indoors; waiting rooms, cafes, etc.  However, once the weather gets warmer, my thoughts turn to knitting and crocheting in parks, and especially to World Wide Knit in Public Day.  It might be my favorite holiday (OK, it is not officially a holiday… yet)!  My only obligations include remembering to bring sunscreen and a water bottle, and of course planning which projects I will bring.  Fun, but not so challenging I can’t be social, which is important because it is a very social event.  Every year I meet new people, make new friends and see old friends, not to mention the hordes of tourists who come by and look, and occasionally ask questions.  And that is great, since we are there to be seen.  Now, you don’t have to feel obligated to talk to anyone, but for some reason I enjoy being a yarny ambassador, which is why I help arrange this little get together every year.

Speaking of this little event, you might want to know the whens, wheres and whats, right?  Of course!


Where: Millennium Park in the Boeing Gallery North (it is the North West corner of Millennium Park, at Michigan and Randolph.  We are in the area in from the columns sitting in the shade.)  In case of yarn-threatening weather (rain) we will meet in the main reading room of the Chicago Cultural Center near the Randolph entrance.

When: Saturday, June 14 from 11am to 4pm.  Of course come as early or late as you like.

What: Bring you crafts (we are not strict about this, sure I would rather we mostly be playing with yarn, but everyone is welcome), something to sit on, sunscreen, and food and water if you would rather not buy those in the area.  There are public restrooms nearby, and it is downtown, so there are plenty of places to go for food and drinks.  There are water fountains near the restrooms if you want to refill your own water bottle.

You can find these details along with a link to the map of the park in the link posted above.

And here is a little blast from the past, WWKIP Day, 2007:



Please help us spread the word, and join us!

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