Vendors list going up!

Hey y’all, check out the beginnings of the vendor list. We’ll add to it every day as the listing information arrives from our accepted vendors, so keep checking back to see the latest. (Psst – if YOU are an accepted vendor and haven’t sent your listing info & image yet, well, what are you waiting for?)


  1. I would love to be a vendor! Is tthere any space left? I don’t need much room! Ir would someone let me share wirh them? The Yarn Susan us a great new knitting tool. We are very proud of our product!

    • Thanks for your interest! I’ve sent you some info in case there are vendor slots left once we are done confirming all the accepted vendors.

  2. I’m also interested about vendor space! Chicago based fiber artist here, I have lot’s of beautiful superwash and wool yarns for sale! My store fits in a suit case so any space would be great!

  3. I have been with Yarncon since the beginning…Yarncan and Pattern Tamers debuted together! I am late applying however, and like others, am wondering if I can slip in. I would love a space if you have extra, and understand if you don’t.

  4. Nice meeting you at Michigan fiber fest.. I too would love the info on vending.. My plastic storage bobbins were a huge hit at MFF and I think you gal in IL wouldl love them too..

    • Hi Debra,
      Sorry to be so late with a reply, you can find the application on the front page of the webpage. We look forward to your application. I think the bobbins will be a hit with the spinners!

  5. could you please send me info on being a vendor.

    my husband and I have been making hand woven baskets for over 30 years.

    we make baskets for storage and to carry supplies in

    • Please forgive the lateness of this reply. The application is live on the front page of the website, we look forward to your application! Thanks!

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